Our Researchers

Juan Antonio Hernández Corchete


Administrative Law professsor and researcher (Universidad de Vigo), Legal Advisor at the Spanish Constitutional Court and for the Council of Europe on human rights issues.
He holds a Degree in Law (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 1991) and a PhD in Administrative Law (Universitá degli Studi di Bologna. Real Colegio de España, 1998).
Profesor Titular on Administrative Law (Universidad de Vigo) from 2001
Legal Advisor at the Spanish Constitutional Court from october 2006 to January 2022. He was the rapporteur for the Vicepresident Mr. Gay Montalvo (2010-2012) and for the President Mr. González Rivas (2016-2022).
From 2014 to 2022 he has been a consultant for the Council of Europe on several human rights projects. The last one is a comparative study on the execution of individual application judgments with a special focus on its objective effect.
Since 2017 he is a member of the Section on Law and New Technologies of the Spanish Royal Academy of Law.
He has taken part as a professor in national and international Master’s degrees, PhD programmes and research projects relating human rights, with a special focus on personal data protection and privacy in general. He is author of a number of papers on different public law issues, with special attention on human rights. The latest are:
– “Expectativas de privacidad, tutela de la intimidad y protección de datos”, Sociedad Digital y Derecho (Dir. De la Quadra, T. y Piñar J.L.), Editorial del BOE, 2019.
– “Exhaustividad del RGPD y estándares de protección del principio de legalidad sancionadora”, Revista Derecho digital e Innovación, nº 2, 2019.
– “La propiedad de los datos personales ¿Los datos como moneda de cambio?”, El Cronista del Estado Social y Democrático de Derecho, nº 88 y 89, mayo-junio 2020,
– “Interactions between data subjects’ moral and economic interests in personal data. exploring a regulatory framework other than a property regime”, 2021, Research Project funded by Google.
In 2014 he reported as an expert before the Advisory Council to Google on the Right to Be Forgotten.

The South EU Google Data Governance Chair focuses on scientific reflection and research in the academic field on Data Governance in the context of European countries. The Chair analyzes the challenges of Law and Data Governance in areas such as Big Data, Data Driven Innovation, Artificial Intelligence and International Flows of Personal Data.