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Our Chair works with an international and multidisciplinary network of researchers who contribute to reflection and research on issues related to data governance.

The scientific and academic debate that is established between the researchers of our network contributes to the analysis of the great challenges that exist at a global level in relation to data management.


About South EU Google Data Governance Chair

Last June 24th, 2021  the launch and the beginning of the activities of the South EU Google Data Governance Chair took place.

The Board will be headed by Professor José Luis Piñar (CEU-San Pablo University, Madrid) and counts with Professors Maria da Graça Canto Moniz (Nova University Lisbon), Georgios Yannopoulos (University of Athens) and Vincenzo Zeno-Zencovich (University of RomaTre).

The Chair will focus on scientific reflection and research in the academic field on data governance, in the context of the European countries.

In addition, it will serve as a framework to analyze the challenges for Law and Data Governance in the European sphere, in areas such as Big Data, Data Driven Innovation, Artificial Intelligence or International Personal Data flows.


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A continuación celebraremos el panel ‘Derecho, humanismo y neurociencia en un mundo digital’ con José María Lasalle, @jitorreblanca y José Luis Piñar Mañas (@SouthEUGoogle & @USPCEU) #IIConferenciaInternacional

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Thank you to D. Vincenzo Zeno-Zencovich and @SouthEUGoogle for this great conference.

Partners & Donors

The South EU Google Data Governance Chairhas a Board of university professors from four Law Faculties of Southern European Universities that are leaders in research and teaching on issues related to Data Governance: CEU-San Pablo University of Madrid, Nova University of Lisbon, University of Athens and University of RomaTre.
Nova School of Law
CEU Universidad San Pablo
Università degli Studi Roma Tre
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens


Our Newsletter publishes information related to the academic-scientific activities organized by our Chair and the topics analysed within the framework of our work. It also publishes news related to those topics on which our researchers work and that directly affect the issue of Data Governance.