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Athina Sachoulidou


Athina Sachoulidou is an Assistant Professor in Criminal Law at NOVA School of Law in Lisbon. She graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with degrees in law (BA 2011) and medical law and bioethics (M.Sc. 2014), and from the Ruperto Carola University of Heidelberg with an advanced degree in German law (LL.M. 2015) and a PhD in Law (PhD 2018) with a focus on criminal law. Prior to joining the NOVA School of Law, Athina Sachoulidou was a Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute (Florence, Italy).

Her research focuses primarily on the following topics: corporate liability ex crimine and the study of deviant behaviour in corporate environments; the intersection of new technologies and criminal law; the impact of big-data-driven technologies on criminal procedural rights; the use of artificial intelligence in the area of law enforcement and criminal justice; cross-border access to electronic evidence.

During her doctoral studies she was presented with the DAAD award for outstanding performance of international students and doctoral candidates. Her PhD thesis ‘Unternehmensverantwortlichkeit und -sanktionierung. Ein strafrechtlicher und interdisziplinärer Diskurs‘ was published as a monograph by the publishing house Mohr Siebeck in April 2019 and presented with the Ruprecht-Karls award for outstanding scholarly works from all fields in November 2019.

Athina Sachoulidou currently represents NOVA School of Law in the international consortium of the EU Horizon 2020 project TRACE (Grant Agreement No101022004), which kicked-off in July 2021.


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